It can be said that there is no substitute for experience.  Successful business owners have had their share of failures, from which they have hopefully learned valuable lessons.  A team of professional advisors can be a key component for avoiding pitfalls that can be a consequence of inexperience.

Business Management Consultant

The professionals at BSB bring a breadth of knowledge and experience that positions us as trusted advisors.  It is our goal to facilitate the success of our clients.  We can help you develop a solid business plan, institute financial controls to safeguard and maximize the return on your financial assets, consult with you on decisions related to your financial management systems and staff, address succession planning, and provide coordination for your legal, insurance, banking, and other professional relationships.

We serve the for-profit enterprise as well as the not-for-profit charitable organization.  Both types of entities face similar core dilemmas, but our experience has given us a knowledge base that allows us to recognize and advise specifically on an industry by industry basis.  The construction contractor is less concerned with fundraising, but instead needs to maintain tight controls on costs and the ability to estimate costs to complete a project.  We have the experience to address both concerns.

If your business is in the midst of change or is in need of help identifying areas that could use improvement (there is always room for improvement), we’ll design an advisory approach to satisfy your needs.  Let us assist you in initiating collaborative, efficient, and effective management tools, and monitor the results over time.


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