Technology. These days, everyone’s all about technology. In our homes, at our jobs: We’ve even begun demanding enhanced technology from our cars.

More so than ever before, our economy — on a national level, but also right here in northern Virginia — is driven by the need for technology. Glance at the breakdown provided by the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority, and you’ll see that our area is home to nearly 7,000 technology firms that employ as many as 142,000 people. That’s a lot of people working hard to develop a lot of technology, and a lot of accounting work to be done.

BSB is proud to serve northern Virginia’s finest software developers, information technology service providers, technology management consultants, hardware and software resellers, and telecommunication service providers; offering the best in financial reporting, income tax compliance, accounting systems design and maintenance, and management advisory services. It is our goal to meet the unique needs of the technology industry, as it grows, changes and becomes ever more demanding.

Specialized accounting services for technology firms in Northern VA

Our clients have established themselves as local industry leaders, and some operate on a national, or even global level.  Many of our clients credit that success, at least in part, to the specialized accounting services of BSB. As the technological scope of our client companies expand, so also do the accounting operations that require execution. And that’s where we come in. Our team of certified public accountants is well versed in US income tax reporting compliance with the Internal Revenue Service as well as multi-state and local taxation. We are also expert at the specific financial reporting requirements of inventory, work-in-process, and research and development expenditures. We have developed specific expertise in the reporting of innovative stock and equity arrangements of hi-tech companies, and the tax ramifications of stock option plans.

BSB has invested many of its own resources in advanced and continuous training that enables our ability to best serve the technology industry. All files are updated and stored electronically to ensure our clients’ security,and to a unique secure portal system that was developed to facilitate the smooth exchange of vital financial information critical to the real time nature of data exchange as we know it today. (And it should be noted that though we are, of course, always up to date on the latest and greatest technology for our own industry, we still recognize the importance of a little pen and paper math every once in a while.)

Whether your business is just starting up and looking for a key financial ally, or a mature enterprise looking to work with a professional firm well versed in the technology space:

BSB is your accounting services partner.


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