Throughout the life of a business enterprise, most business owners will find themselves, at some point, in need of financial statements.  Analyzing financial statements is an important tool for business owners to use in making sound business decisions.  Financial statements can be used to monitor changes in the company’s finances from one time period to the next, identify financial strengths and weaknesses, and look for opportunities to make improvements that will lead to greater business successes.  Sometimes providing financial statements to outside parties is necessary to help recruit investors or obtain financing.

Financial Reporting To Meet Your Needs

At BSB, we’ll help you assess your current needs and determine what level of financial reporting will serve your business best.  We are able to provide a variety of financial reporting services from monthly compilations intended for management’s internal use to audited GAAP financial statements commonly needed for financing, mergers & acquisitions, and other business growth opportunities.

Our broad experience serving the business community will be at your disposal. If your business requires tax work in addition to financial statements, we can help with that as well.  We strive to provide excellent client service and our financial statement and tax teams will work together to make the process seamless for you.

Do you already have a banker?  Do you already have an attorney?  We’ll work with those professionals to ensure that the level of financial reporting we provide is in line with lending requirements and in support of future business endeavors.  If a relationship with a banker or an experienced attorney is needed, we have a strong network of professionals that can be brought on board to assist you in achieving your business and financial goals.


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