Each estate plan is different in its needs and goals. The administration of estates and trusts can be complicated, and knowing the available elections, distribution requirements, and filing deadlines is essential to proper administration. At BSB, we help minimize the stress and administrative burdens of the executors and heirs. Our professionals will collaborate with your estate planning team of attorneys and financial planners to make sure the estate plan meets your goals, minimizes taxes, and maximizes benefits to your heirs. We review and evaluate estate planning documents, recommend options, and prepare any gift tax returns that may be needed as a result of estate planning transfers. Each plan should be periodically reviewed to determine if there is a need for modification due to changes in tax law, tax rates, and family circumstance. We can help you update your plan as needed.

Estate Tax Return Preparation

We also offer estate tax return preparation, for both federal and state, when required. Our tax professionals have years of experience in the preparation of fiduciary income tax returns, probate and trust court accountings, and will consider post-mortem planning opportunities that may save your estate significant tax.


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