Most often an IRS audit is triggered by pure luck – or lack thereof. (There are some “red flags waving” that might beg for a second look by that august organization; if you are a client of BSB, we’ll steer you away from those flags as best we can.) If you are fortunate enough to receive a notice from the IRS requesting further information, a disagreement with the facts reported, or an all-out audit, Burdette Smith & Bish is prepared to assist you. We maintain paperless records for all returns we’ve prepared for 7 years. Depending on the level of the investigation, we can respond with a letter and appropriate support, provide a conference room with a binder containing all the requested records compiled in an easy-to-use order, or prepare you personally to deal with the notice/audit yourself. Most clients do not choose the latter because of the stress involved. Additionally, they may not understand the positions we’ve taken, and the code we use to support those positions.

Our IRS Audit Track Record

Our track record with these representations is stellar, because we are compliant with the IRS code, and because we know the code. We prepare solid returns and maintain the records necessary to support those accurate returns. And if you should be one of the “lucky” ones, give us a call, and we’ll assist you in facing the Boogey Man.

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