Northern VA CPA Firm

We come from all walks of life at BSB. We are different ages, genders, races, religions. We were raised all over the globe, in different economic circumstances. But here we are, lining the halls of 4035 Ridge Top Road, Suite 550. We sit in our cubicles and offices, crunching numbers, generally getting along pretty well, helping each other arrive at that bottom line or lowest tax liability. We have state-of-the-art equipment & programs, comfortable chairs, air conditioning in summer and heat in winter. Our compensation packages are competitive. We are for the most part introverted, math-loving, puzzle-solving thinkers. We are so much alike. And we appreciate that about ourselves.

But…that is the CPA by day! We are, in actuality, a new breed of Super CPA.

Our alter-egos are busy in another capacity. We volunteer in our community, and on charitable boards, to help others, to honor our heroes, and to make our community a better place. Sure, we could sit in our safe-place, hiding behind our green eye-shades, helping other businesses and individuals achieve their greatest financial success….while that is our passion, that is not our only motivation. You can find us attending arts committee meetings, sitting on architectural boards for our churches, lending a hand at Habitat for Humanity, or for an Honor Flight, and more. We are not just 4035 Ridge Top Road; we are Fairfax County, and the DC Metropolitan area, and beyond. We are not just introverts who are good at math; we are residents and citizens.

At BSB, we strive to make our community in Northern Virginia, and beyond, a gentle place to live…

Alison Robinson, CPA